The Rules of Casino Table Games Explained

So many people have the wrong idea about casinos. Mostly because of how gambling is abusively portrayed in media, the public often has an impression that is far removed from reality. Let us tackle a few basic points.

The gaming floor

In pretty much every casino, there is a separated area where you will find the gaming tables, often arranged in groups, called ‘pit’. Tables are normally arranged in a rough circle, creating an enclosed working area for the dealers, inspectors and pit bosses on the inside. Before trying your luck, how about learning something about the rules of table games?


It’s like a lottery. Really. There are numbers ranging from 1 to 36, plus one, two or at times three zeros, all of which are displayed in order on the table layout. You can bet on any number you wish, by placing the desired amount of chips straight on top of the number. You can also split your bet between several numbers, increasing your chances of a payout, though lessening the total amount you can win. Some might prefer trying out the game in free online casino first. We recommend one of the more serious brands like Casumo or Royal Panda Casino (operated by Leovegas). While players are finishing their bets, the dealer will spin a little ball on a wheel. This wheel has all the numbers randomly placed on it, and the ball will eventually drop and land on one of them. Bets on the winning number get paid, all the others loose to the house. And the game goes on.

If you could guess...


It is easy to play and not so hard to master. Using several decks of cards, the goal of the game is to obtain a total as close to 21 as possible, without going over (called ‘busting’). Cards are worth their face value, with face cards being worth 10 and aces being worth 1 or 11. You place your bet (in live blackjack there’s a space in front of you, called a ‘box’) and you will get two cards. You may get additional cards on top, at your discretion. The house, having one card showing from the beginning, acts last and must draw cards until a certain value (usually 17). If it busts, everyone wins, else the highest score will do so.

Table games that are easy and accessible to all players

Gambling is definitely not rocket science, Knowing a few basic rules and willing to give it a try, after a couple of hours everyone can look like a pro. Be sure to check out this full list of game developers too before you start playing. It might increase your chances of winning!

If you could guess…

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